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Carol Ann Liaros

Carol Ann Liaros


In 1966 when Carol Ann found herself sitting at a desk in a nun's office (Sister M. Justa Smith's) at a Roman Catholic College Rosary Hill now Daemen College), to give readings to people she had never seen before, no one was more surprised than Ms. Liaros herself! At the suggestion of Hugh Lynn Cayce (son of Edgar Cayce, most famous psychic our century has produced), she was included in the now famous research Dr. Justa was conducting with healers.

For the experiment, people would hand Carol Ann an object of their's and she would give a reading to them for one hour. The sessions were tape recorded for future analysis.

It was during one of the sessions when Carol Ann began to get terrible pains in her back, she thought she had been sitting for too long a period of time. Ms. Liaros voiced a request to stop because of this. Indicating where she was having the pain, it was discovered the recipient of the reading had chronic back pain in exactly the same places! As this information was being discussed, the pain in Carol Ann's back disappeared! And thus started her on the path of giving psychic diagnosis for medical doctors and other health professionals! This skill has helped thousands over the past 30+ years!

In 1973, Carol Ann Liaros directed a seven-week pilot study to test the possibility of increasing awareness to Psi energies with a small group of blind people. The results were so fantastic and the blind themselves so delighted with their increased mobility and release of tensions that the study became Project: Blind Awareness , a weekly, on going class, free of charge to any visually handicapped person in the area.

In 1977, the Project was expanded to include an intensive four-day seminar for blind children and their parents. 1977 also saw the first Instructors Course designed to teach the techniques used in the Project to people from all over the United States so that after certification they would be qualified to return to their own cities and set up branches of Blind Awareness making this training program available to many people.


Carol Ann Liaros is a professional psychic who trains others in the field of Parapsychology. For eight of her thirty years in this field, Ms. Liaros was tested by some of the world's leading Parapsychologists. Carol's accuracy of predicting the future was tested at a rate of 93-97%.

Ms. Liaros is a gifted and intuitive inner resource instructor and author. She works with churches, corporations, and groups as a consultant and instructor in the areas of creativity, intuition development, grant funding, personnel placement, and trend detection/forecastng. Ms. Liaros has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows including That's Incredible, April 1981. Carol Ann has appeared in the movie "Inner Spaces" narrated by Edgar Mitchell, the sixth astronaut to walk on the moon. She has been a senior trainer for the A.R.E., Edgar Cayce Center in Virginia Beach, VA for almost 20 years.

Various aspects of Carol Ann Liaros' work are included in over twenty books, including Superlearning, by Shiela Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder, plus Fire in the Soul: A New Psychology of Spiritual Optimism, by Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. Ms. Liaros is the author of Intuition Technologies and has recorded an Intuition series of cassette technique tapes. She has designed, innovative, creative techniques known as The Liaros Method that has successfully helped others to use their own intuition in practical ways.

She has hosted weekly radio and cable television programs in the Western New York area and is the founder and director of the following programs:
  • Project Blind Awareness - an innovative training program designed to enhance intuition in blind participants in order to help them become more mobile and independent. Serving also in Jr. Project Blind Awareness for children.
  • Intuitive Task Force - a group of dedicated psychics who donate their time and skills working with police agencies in an effort to solve crimes and locate missing persons.
  • People of The Amber - a group of ten healers dedicated to serving others in a healing capacity. Members also help to establish and lend their assistance to Circle Of The Ambers groups.

Carol Ann is available to mentor students in psychic development. To learn about this unique program, click here!


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